Donna Brandon - Owner - Staged 4 Success - Stafford, VA
Professional Home Stager | Expert Home Equity Protection Stylist

Home Staging and Home Design

I build wealth for Homeowners, Realtors, and area Service Contractors through Home Staging and Home Design. For Homeowners I provide equity protection with my Staged 4 Success philosophy of creating warm inviting spaces that highlight architectural features and minimize deficiencies. For Realtors I provide a service that enhances their marketing strategy, gets their listings sold quickly therefore securing their commission check faster. The local service contractors appreciate the referral business I provide for their carpentry, painting/drywall, and landscaping, plumbing, and electrical services.

When it comes to home staging and design, your interior speaks as to who you are, what you care about, and where your interests lie. When I speak with a client I hear their excitement about their project or their anxiety about an upcoming move. When I enter a home for a consult – the home “speaks to me”

What is your home saying about you?

Does it say, “I don’t care,” “I give up”, or “I don’t know how?” Your home style does not have to be a painful, expensive process. With a few edits, a bit of re-arranging, a little direction and a lot of creativity – Designing or Staging your home can be affordable and fun!

Upcycling old pieces for new uses, changing the vibe of your space with just a coat of paint or new lighting or plumbing fixtures, and re-arranging are easy ways to design your space while staying within a tight budget. Whether you’re redecorating, remodeling or staging your home for sale, Staged 4 Success has the experience and talent to transform your home.

What sets me apart from my competition? My projects give me as much joy as they do to my clients. I pour my heart and soul into to each project and operate my business with joy, pride, and integrity. Visit: or email

Remember, whatever your home says about you, I can help. PS. ~ I won’t tell anyone what it said!

Staged 4 Success where to do meets ta-DAH!