Kitchens are the heart of the home. Functionality and beauty are the two largest considerations when designing the flow of your kitchen. When staging for sale, a kitchen should be spotless, clutter free, and feel updated as much as your budget allows.

Family Rooms

Family rooms see a lot of action. For design work the emphasis is always on functionality especially with fabric selection. For staging to sell a family room should be clutter free and yet illustrate how the room can function, TV, Game table, good lighting, and a punch of color for energy.

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms can be fun, elegant, or casual. The lifestyle of potential buyers or homeowners looking to update their look determines which direction I take with a dining room design. Setting the table with place settings helps to keep the dining table from becoming a catch-all and adds personality to the space.

Master Bedrooms

Master Bedrooms should feel fresh and elegant. When designing for clients who are not selling their home, color selection and bedding selection begins with a design style questionnaire. This helps us pinpoint the style that brings comfort and serenity.


Bathrooms are such personal spaces. When staging to sell – bathrooms need to be as de-personalized as possible and absolutely spotless. Never-ever let your home be photographed with toilet lids up! 95% of home buyers look online first. Make your property shine above and beyond the rest. Designing bathrooms for clients can be such a fun challenge. My latest design incorporated several points of view and yet came together beautifully.


There is only one chance to make a first impression!