Stage Two – Selecting a Realtor

Stage 2 – Selecting a Realtor
In stage one of preparing to sell your home; we got to know the competition to better understand how to market the property we are selling. Knowing your competition also helps to get a general idea of the value of your property.

Next your home is going to be turned in to a listing, a property for sale, a house, no longer your home. In order to get your property sold efficiently and comply with all the legal aspects of a Real Estate transaction, selecting a Realtor is a critical step in the process. A good way to start is ask around, talk to neighbors, friends, hair stylists, and anyone else you can think of to get referrals. You can also drive around your area and jot down the names of Realtors in your market area that have current listings. Once you have a list, call each one to set up an interview.

How each of these Realtors responds to your inquiries will help you get a feel for how they work and interact. It is important to have a comfortable rapport with your Realtor because you will be working with them closely, typically for several months. Prepare a questionnaire to keep your conversation on track. It is easy to talk about your home and family, the reason you are moving, and so forth however, the most important aspect of the interview should be on how the Realtor plans to market your home. Here are some sample questions you can ask:

1. How many listings do you currently have?
2. How did you determine the comparable properties?
3. Who do you think is our target buyer?
4. Do you have a Professional Home Stager that you work with regularly?
5. What is your plan to market this property?
6. Do you hold open houses, for brokers, realtors, and the public?
7. What is your average Days On Market for similar listings?
8. Will you provide references?
9. May I see some of your current marketing materials?
10. What types of media will you use in your marketing strategy?

Once your interviews are completed check with the Better Business Bureau, check out the references provided, and check out each agents current listings online. You should feel confident that you are making a great decision because you have conducted a thorough investigation and have examined your options in a professional manner.

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