Stage Three – Preparing Your Home for Sale

Now that you know your competition, have a reliable and market savvy Realtor working for you, it is time to prepare your home for sale. The first and most important step in preparing your home for sale is to take care of any maintenance issues such as: unfinished projects, dripping faucets, nail pops, exterior hedge trimming, squeaky floors, squeaky door hinges, cracks in driveway, or walkways. This list is just to give you an idea, take a critical look at your home and try to imagine you are seeing it for the first time.
Once your home and yard are in full repair it is time to CLEAN. The house and yard should look their absolute best! Treat your home just like when you try to sell or trade in your car, clean and detail your home to the very last corner. If you do not have the time, hire a professional cleaning service. This is worth every penny, just make certain to hire licensed and insured professionals for any and all cleaners and tradesmen that your hire to help you in your home.

Now that your home is in tip top shape it is time to stage your home to create a warm and inviting space for your target market. Since you are selling your home and are moving out anyways, pack up all personal photos, items magnetized on your fridge, all items that are on the floors of your closets, and any clothing that you will not need for the next few months. Boxing all of these items will save you time and money on your moving expense and has the added benefit of helping your home look and feel larger and more organized. Many clients rent a storage unit to hold items that are bulky and that are boxed up and ready to move to their new location. The most important rooms in your home when it is for sale are – kitchen, bathrooms, and master suite. Pay close attention to these areas making certain they are clean, fresh, and styled to highlight architectural details and diminish any deficiencies. Wall color should be neutral yet not boring. Add color that is removable such as throw blankets, pillows, art work, and accessories. If all of these sound overwhelming, hire a professional stager who can do as much or as little as your time and budget allows.

Things to ask when hiring a home staging professional:

Know Your Professional Stager – Questions to ask:

1. Are you an accredited home staging professional?
2. Are you licensed in your business?
3. Do you carry business liability insurance?
4. Do you have an inventory of accessories that are readily available for staging?
5. Do you know what type of furnishings should be used and how to arrange them?
6. Are you familiar with various design principles?
7. Do you have a professional portfolio of homes?
8. Do you take digital photos & may I see your photos?
9. Do you know what the latest staging trends are? How do you keep up with these trends?
10. Will you provide verifiable references?
11. Do you have an excellent rapport with the local Real Estate Community?
12. Do you have any current staged homes that we can tour?

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