Stage One

There are many stages of preparing your home for sale. Statistics show that over 85% of home buyers looked to the internet first before taking the time to visit homes for sale in their target area. Therefore your first stage of preparation should be KNOW YOUR COMPETITION. Smart sellers understand that their home is not the only one for sale and will be compared to other similar homes in their market area.
Start your search with the mindset of who you envision wanting to buy your home. Ask yourself, what search criteria will these buyers use to find their new home? Search online as if you are the potential buyer. What do these homes look like online? Which ones do you feel are your toughest competitors? Once you narrow the list to homes you think closely relate to your home’s appeal GO SEE THEM in person. Bring a clipboard, take pictures, and make notes.

Stage one is nearly done, now analyze your research and objectively look at your home – take pictures and ask yourself – how does my home compare? will a potential buyer compare my home more or less favorably? how much am I willing to do myself? what professionals will I need to hire? what is my preparation budget?

If you truly want the best and most objective assessment as to how to proceed, Staged 4 Success can help with this analysis. We can also recommend reliable Contractors, Tradesmen, Realtors, and help you prioritize accordingly.

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